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More Soca 2020

My favorites from this year’s Soca selections in one mix. Don’t forget to subscribe on Apple or Google podcasts and follow on Instagram & Facebook.


  1. Marq Pierre – Friends No More
  2. Ricard Drue – Us
  3. Kerwin DuBois – No Lies
  4. Angela Hunte – Middle
  5. Sekon Sta – Sauce
  6. Teddyson John – X Games
  7. Machel Montano – Play Harder
  8. Patrice Roberts – Carry On
  9. Problem Child – Feel It
  10. V’ghn – Take Time
  11. Michael Teja – Birthday
  12. Bunji Garlin & Sheriff – The Sound
  13. Melick – Colors
  14. Shem – Siddung
  15. K-Lion – Siddung
  16. Nutron x Skorch Bun It x Cool Blaze – Tambourine
  17. Sekon Sta x Skorch Bun It x Cool Blaze – Fire
  18. King Bubba x Skorch Bun It x Cool Blaze – I Love My Rum
  19. Destra, Bass aka Trilo G, Swappi – Somebody
  20. Shurwayne Winchester – Woman
  21. Shal Marshall – Top Ranking
  22. Kes – Boss Lady
  23. Olatunji – Jiggle It
  24. Wendi – Walk Out
  25. Erphaan Alves – Champion Sound
  26. Kes – Soca Take Over
  27. Shall Marshall – Two Knee
  28. Bunji Garlin – The Struggle
  29. Nessa Preppy & Destra – Too Bad
  30. Farmer Nappy – Fete Wid Meh Darlin’
  31. M1 aka Menace – Party Capital
  32. Chalmer John – Balance
  33. Revelation – Hot Like You
  34. Kes – Deh Wah Soca
  35. Nailah Blackman – More Sokah
  36. Shurwayne Winchester – Fete Boss
  37. Swappi – Feeling It
  38. Voice & Kes – Dear Promoter
  39. Freetown Collective – Feel The Love
  40. Nessa Preppy ft. M1 -Bubble
  41. Kes – Reason To Love
  42. Nailah Blackman – Bam Bam Season
  43. Mr. Famous – You Could Leave
  44. Olatunji – Money
  45. Pternsky – Home

Soca Vybz 2019

Today is carnival Tuesday in Trinidad, so I thought it would be the perfect time to drop my 2019 Soca Vybz mix. Soca is traditionally a seasonal genre, but it’s gaining more global popularity and year round play.  My annual Soca episode is always the most anticipated and popular mix of the year. Plenty of great tunes and riddims this year, especially a lot of throwback Calypso-inspired sounds. Here are 42 of my favorite selections from the 2019 season to get you in the Carnival mood. Enjoy the fete!

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Soca 2018

itunes pic
Carnival season is officially on, so here we go!!


1. Kes ft. Clinton Sparks-Combine
2. Polancapop-Whine Up
3. Skinny Fabulous-Right Here
4. Mad Cobra-Hapiness
5. Machel Montano-Mami Lo Tiene
6. Nailah Blackman-Baila Mami (Doc & Jes Remix)
7. 5Star Akil-Feel Right
8. Ptenrsky-Millionaire
9. Nessa Preppy-Tingo
10. Bunji Garlin-BNW
11. Chromatics-Woi
12. Abdiel-Show Me
13. I-Octane-Hey Mama
14. I-Octane-We Jus Murder That Dub
15. Voice-Year For Love
16. Machel Montano-Take It Slow
17. Kes-Hello
18. Turner-Holding On
19. Gregory Ayuen-Connect
20. Samantha J-Your Body
21. Ricardo Drue-Body Language
22. Shal Marshall-Splinters
23. Kes & Patrice Roberts-Like It Like That
24. I-Octane & Bunji Garlin-Roll It
25. Fadda Moses-Push On D Truck
26. Milko-Fuel
27. Bunji Garlin-Vintage Garlin
28. Elephant Man-Turn It Up
29. R. City-Fling It Back
30. Bunji Garlin-Big Bad Soca
31. Fay Ann Lyons-Girls
32. Kerwin DuBois-Good For Nothing
33. Linky First-All Day Long
34. Orlando Octave-Berlin
35. LFS Music-No Weapon
36. Bad Royal ft. Kes-Forever Isn’t Promised
37. R. City-Fete You
38. Kes-I Shall Return

Soca 2017

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All of this year’s biggest Soca tunes to get you in a mood to fete!!

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1.Olatunji & System 32-Midnight Cruise
3.Preedy-Vice City
4.Sekon Sta-You Are The One
5.Timaya-Bang Bang
6.Milko-Carnival To Remember
7.GBM Nutron-Rock You Out
8.Kreesha Turner-I Will Be Here
9.Machel Montano-Lip Service
10.R. City-Nobody Ready
11.Marvay-Know The Face
13.Farmer Nappy-X Man
14.Patrice Roberts-Big Girl Now
15.Farmer Nappy & Destra-Technically
16.Dloxx & Machel Monatao-Take It Down
17.Shortpree-She Want To Come
18.Rupee-I’ll Be OK
19.Farmer Nappy-Abundance
20.Flipo-Doh Panic
21.GBM Nutron-Bacchanal
22.Orlando Octave-Single
23.King Bubba-Calling In Sick
24.Skinny Fabulous-Trouble
25.College Boy Jesse-Better Now
26.Sekon Sta & Nadia Batson-Magic
27.Bunji Garlin-Reload
28.KI-Wuk On Yuh
29.Rupee & Ricardo Drue-No Name
30.Slatta ft. Sedale-Crumble
31.Olatunji-Tun Fo Meh
32.Kes & Nailah Blackman-Workout
33.Jahmoun-Only You
35.Skinny Fabulous-Watch Thing
36.Denyque-Bumpa Wine
37.Eempey Slicker & Ricky T-Freaky Girls
38.Skinny Fabulous-Mash Up And Flat
39.M1 (Menace)-Yuh See Dat

Soca 2016



1.Syo-Closer 2.Shurwayne Winchester & Christopher Martin-Sugar Wine 3.Bunji Garlin & Ataklan-Renegade Soca 4.Angela Hunte-Mon Bon Ami 5.Machel Montano-Need It 6.Destra-Lucy 7.GBM Nutron-Scene 8.Olatunji-Oh Ya 9.Olatunji & System 32-OLTL 10.Shurwayne Winchester-We Pumpin 11.Teddyson John-Allez 12.Faith Antoine-Take Me High 13.Patch-Full Hundred 14.Benjai-Numb 15.Blaxx & Andrew Hitz Phillip-We Not Going Home 16.Bunji Garlin feat. R. City-Take Over Town Remix 17.Shurwayne Winchester-Truck Driver 18.Cloud 5-No Behavior 19.Angela Hunte & Machel Montano-Like So 20.Bunji Garlin-Girls Town 21.Sekon Sta-Maximum 22.Bunji Garlin-Our Time 23.Shurwayne Winchester-Head Gone 24.Kes-People

Soca 2014

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1.Mr. Famous-Play More Local 2.Biggie Irie-Need Ah Riddim 3.Bunji Garlin-Differentology 4.Kes-Theif A Wine 5.Santeny-In The Mood 6.Bunji Garlin-Truck On D Road 7.Sekon Sta-Wine On De Truck 8.Destra-Give It To Me 9.Bunji Garlin-Gift Of Soca 10.Timaya feat, Machel Montano-Shake Yuh Bum Bum 11.Darnella-Can’t Get Enough 12.Swappi-Jump Out 13.Kes-Country Gal 14.Kes-Bad Habits 15.Mr. Renzo-Gyal Come 16.Bunji Garlin-Streets 17.Jaiga-Keisha 18.Machel Montano-Epic 19.Kerwin DuBois & Lil Rick-Monster Winer 20.5Star Akil-Partier (iM4RiO Remix)